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for the fall 2019 season (July - December)


Applications close on June 7, 2019

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If you are currently unemployed or underemployed, and may not be able to pay the membership dues of $25, please tell us here and we will do our best to provide a discount. In select cases, we may also waive the dues, although we cannot guarantee this. We don't want financial stress to be the reason you decide not to apply.
If you are applying as an actor, please upload your headshot and updated resume to Kalakars. This is required for your application to be considered complete. Upload using the google form here. Copy/paste URL into your browser window: Alternatively, if your headshot and resume are easily accessible on a website, please enter the EXACT URL(s) below. (If you are not adding a link below, type N/A below since this is a required question)
Have you read and understood the terms and criteria for membership on our main Apply page? *
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